Why become ‘overthinker’ is so ridiculous?


I started to think about everything when I was a child. Maybe I forget when that is actually happened. First I always think about my ‘second future’. This thing is literally second per second of my future. I’ve always wanted that I have to think analitically, after that I’ve always thinking about the real my future is, like you actually want it and the weird thing of this way is you also think about the bad future. Actually I hate that about it. But and the time goes by, nothing happened in my life after I think about all of those shit things.

That’s why I called the ‘overthinker’ people are so ridiculous. Because I feel that in my life. Now, I have to given it up the things that also saved in my mind. ‘Overthinker’ makes you more aware of something but not makes you care about something. You just think about yourself, think about what happen to me. Always ‘me’ ‘me’ ‘me’. Every little thing that you think become something that waste your memory in you brain. Because I feel that in my life right now. There’s so many plan, there’s so many dreams, and etc. And nothing’s happened. I’ve always did something normally like the others do but I still think complicatedly.

And now, I want to do and think more simply as I do my life. Not a bad thing to do so complicated or over like the overthinkers do. But you have to believe that it will make your life more harsh and I’m giving up right now. Like so many people do. I want to be more thinker not ‘overthinker’. Thinker is acceptable for my life. I can do what I want based on what I think. If somebody read my thoughts and feel the same, I hope we can share our thoughts. Because I need somebody right now to continue this problem. I’m sorry I called this problem, because it is the fact for me. So me and ‘overthinkers’ become so ridiculous because of fact being me.